Wintersession Travel Courses | Information Session

For five weeks between the fall and spring semesters, RISD offers undergraduate and graduate students rich global learning opportunities through Wintersession (WS) travel courses. These classes are designed to give art and design students the opportunity to embed themselves in a new cultural context, to learn from local artists and designers and to develop their creative practices in a new and inspiring environment. The event will include presentations by Wintersession faculty on their courses, as well as information on the registration, payment and scholarship processes.

WS19 Travel Coures:

France: Photography in Paris
3 credits (PHOTO-W651-01) | Jan 4 - Feb 8
Faculty: Thalassa Raasch (RISD Photography)

Guyana: Exploring Art & Science of Biodiversity in Guyana
6 credits (LAS-W717/SCI-W097) | Jan 4 - Jan 11 RISD / Jan 12 - Feb 2 Guyana
Faculty: Thomas Doran (RISD Literary Arts & Studies) & Lucy Spelman (RISD History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences)

Italy: See Naples and Die: Panorama & the Poetics of a city
6 credits (LDAR-W625/LAS-W725) | Jan 3 - Feb 6
Faculty: Nick De Pace (RISD Landscape Architecture) & Mark Sherman (RISD Literary Arts & Studies)

Japan: Papers, Temples and Print
6 credits (PRINT-4525/HAVC-W525) | Jan 3 - Jan 28 
Faculty: Daniel Heyman (RISD Printmaking) & Elena Varshavskaya (RISD History of Art & Visual Culture)

Mexico: History, Pre-colonial, Colonial and Contemporary Arts
6 credits (HAVC-W135/HPSS-W235) | Jan 3-6 RISD / Jan 7-Feb 2 Mexico 
Faculty: Winifred Lambrecht (RISD History of Art & Visual Culture/History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences) & Sean Nesselrode Mancada (RISD History of Art & Visual Culture)

Portugal: Mapping Portugal: Bio-geo Cultural Heritages
6 credits (INTAR-1512/LAEL-W512) | Jan 3 - Feb 3
Faculty:  Eduardo Duarte (RISD Interior Architecture) & Nicole Merola (RISD Literary Arts & Studies)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 5:30pm

Metcalf Auditorium, Chace Center/RISD Museum
Chace Center, 20 North Main Street, Providence, RI

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