The Met & New OZZI Reusable Cups

Let every day be Earth Day!  Coming this April 2017- the Met is expanding the OZZI program with a new OZZI Hot & Cold Reusable Cup.  The new OZZI cups will replace paper & plastic cups at the Met.  Extra OZZI coins will be added for all meal plans.  For anyone not on a meal plan, the cost to join the program is $5.00.  The process works the same as for the OZZI meal container- ask the cashier for the cup, use the cup, return the empty cup to the OZZI machine and receive a coin back for your next use.  RISD Dining washes the cup for you!  We all reduce our impact on the environment!  The RISD Dining Green Team will be available at the Met to obtain the cup and to answer any questions.

Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 7:00am

The Met
55 Angel Street, Providence, RI

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