Student Fitness Center Class : Stretch, Punch, Kick

*Train your body; train your mind. This compact workout uses core-focused bodyweight exercises and yoga-based stretching. After the calisthenics-based workout and short meditation, Ramon will teach you the fundamentals in self-defense, including striking and blocking. Each class includes a curated playlist for you to use in the gym as well as the studio.

*Ramon is a second-year graduate student in landscape architecture. He has trained in mixed martial arts at Quantum Martial Arts in San Francisco since 2012. Ramon rides with the RISD cycling team where he races in road and cyclocross. He also practices meditation at the Atisha Kadampa Buddhist Center in Providence.

*Student Instructor

*Wear workout clothing and sneakers

*Yoga mats and striking/blocking equipment provided

*Attendees can modify exercises on an individual basis

*Beginner level

*Class limited to 25 people"

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 7:00pm to 8:00pm

RISD Student Fitness Center Studio II


Center for Student Involvement (CSI)



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