Senior Show: Film / Animation / Video

The Rhode Island School of Design will present its Film / Animation / Video Festival from May 9-18, 2014.  This year’s festival premieres the work of 47 RISD seniors.  These works often go on to garner awards and critical recognition in venues worldwide.

The show opens on Friday, May 9 at 7:00 pm with a gallery exhibit of interdisciplinary works at 90 Weybosset St & 60 Orange St.  The film screenings will occur at the Main RISD Auditorium at One Market Square, Tuesday through Saturday nights May 13-17 at 7:00 pm, and Sunday May 18 at 2:00 pm.

The films in Program A will screen on Tues, May 13 and be repeated on Fri, May 16.
The films in Schedule B will screen on Wednesday, May 14 and be repeated on Saturday, May 17.
The films in Schedule C will screen on Thursday, May 15 and be repeated on Sunday, May 18.

Admission to the gallery is free; tickets to the film screenings are $5.00 for general admission, $3.00 with a RISD ID (or other student ID).  For advance ticket orders, email with the desired date(s) and number of tickets.  All tickets are to be picked up and paid for at the door.


Lynn Kim “Toro” 3:30
Robert Verdino “Crossing Lanes” 2:59
Siri Borgen “The Death and Life of Norman Bailey” 27:00
Leslie Tanaka “Nice to Meet You” 3:27
Caitlin Trudell “Ex Nihilo” 2:43
Leila Mrakovcich “As Caras do Brasil (The Faces of Brazil)” 26:09
***15 min. intermission***
Joshua Sehnert “Mr. Piggy Dies in 25 Dimensions” 15:48
Brandon Tyson “La Maison Royale” 24:48
Rio Roye & Advait Thakur “Image & Object” 11:52
Ashton Agbomenou “Doubting Tomas” 23:20


Ed Choi “Sunflower” 17:33
Alex Kim “Paper-Plane” 4:45
Grace Kraft “First Flight” 3:11
LauraBeth Rodzinak “Pocketful of Posies” 18:05
Annabel Ruddle “Beat the Bully” 14:48
***15 min. intermission***
Esther Hayes “The Skinny Fries Left Over” 13:56
Leigha Phillips “Circadia” 2:44
Maryann Guerzon “Answering the Call” 2:08
Carolyn Colton “Operation: TWIRL” 19:23
Matthew Jeon “Composition (3)” 11:14
Harry Field “Blue Shoes” 19:33


Terrance Harden “Recall the Motive” 5:31
Harry Farrar “The Chameleon” 7:05
Brent Sievers “The Divide” 3:51
Jordan Wong “Don’t Worry, I’ll Do It” 4:18
Kelly Scruggs “Is This the Party?” 2:38
Rolland Leung “Are You Edible?” 5:24
Sara White “Hoax Buddies” 2:02
Elizabeth Chun “PLEASE HELP ME I'M LOST” 4:18
Alex Lee “Listening Waiting” 2:41
John Kim “Technica, a Rhapsody in Binary” 3:14
Lena Greene “Welcome to Fantasy Island” 3:28
Annie Zhao “Babyfaced” 6:25
Sam Bellamy “Black Earth” 3:05
Simeon Kondev “Ladies’ Night” 3:35
Maryann Guerzon “Answering the Call” 2:08
Leigha Phillips “Circadia” 2:44
Grace Kraft “First Flight” 3:11
Alex Kim “Paper-Plane” 4:45
Caitlin Trudell “Ex Nihilo” 2:43
Leslie Tanaka “Nice to Meet You” 3:27
Rob Verdino “Crossing Lanes” 2:59
Lynn Kim “Toro” 3:30
Joshua Sehnert “Mr. Piggy Dies in 25 Dimensions” 15:48

Saturday, May 17, 2014 at 7:00pm

RISD Auditorium
17 Canal Walk, Providence RI

Event Type

Exhibition, Film, Opening or Reception, Special Event




$3 with RISD ID or other student ID, $5 general public


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