Student screening | FAV Junior Show 2019

RISD's Film/Animation/Video department invites you to The FAV Junior Show. 
Screenings begin at 7 pm in the RISD Auditorium.

Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 7:00pm

RISD Auditorium
17 Canal Walk, Providence RI

Event Type

Exhibition, Film, Special Event




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Rebecca Paiva

Rebecca Paiva Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Eric Steinberg, "Umar" 3:59
Roscoe Bernard, "Brandi" 9:14
Mina Serbetcioglu, "WOBNIAR" 2:43
Nuck Lee, "Pipe Dream" 4:38
Fred E. Mathelier, "Cat Suit" 5:10
Meredith Binnette, "Traces" 2:19
Riley McClenaghan, "Tiger Girl" 8:36
Dawon Kim, "Moffat" 2:54
Autumn Yarmosh, "Head in the Clouds" 2:10
Nick Knezevich, "Dreams & Nothingness" 1:00
Oliver Carr, "8" 2:46
Elif Ilkel, "Best Bird Ever" 4:45
Minseok Kim, "Impulse" 6:00
Leilei Xia, "Fujo (Rotten Girls) 腐女" 23:15


Oliver Carr, "Heart and Circulation: An Instructional Sound Film" 4:34
Maddie Moses, "Work and Rest" 5:06
Chanel Aaliyah Lee, "MEME" 2:45
Sander Goldman, "Spirit of the City" 2:02
Karen Darias, "Drifter" 10:46
Chaz Outing, "Hazy Days" 2:51
Mercan Dinckok, "OVO" 1:30
Minseok Kim, "Square" 2:49
Rika Nakayama, "Deciduous" 2:01
Michelle Choi, "Home" 1:41
Stella Collins, "Roswell, New England" 13:23
Maddie Moses, "An excerpt from: A Return and A Departure" 6:00
Jordan Thomas, "Love Trip" 21:33


Zeyu Ren, "Fix My Moon!" 11:35
Rachel Liu, "Sun City Suburbia" 4:19
Colter Fellows, "Left” 15:14
Isabel Santos, "Wavelet" 2:37
Dawon Kim, "Once in a Moon" 2:44
Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma, "A Trip to the Store" 3:55
Rachel Liu, "Mama Learns to Swim" 8:19
Max Crawley, "A Bear Adrift" 2:33
Amy Hollshwandner, "Sibling Rivalry" 1:52
Sander Goldman, "Goodnight Mr. Flumpy" 2:57
Minseok Kim, "A Herd" 3:21
Leilei Xia, "Run" 4:20
Riley Brown, "Faith in a Seed" 1:45
Autumn Yarmosh, "Bunny Brigade" 1:51
Sam Brumbaugh, "Holiday Inc." 5:06
Sasha Lee, "Remote Control" 2:42
Noah Gallagher, "Irritable Bathroom Symphonies" 2:08
Nuck Lee, "Flood" 5:06


Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma, "Margarita La Del Rio" 3:39
Yixuan Cai, "Poetic Gaze" 14:28
Meredith Binnette, "Best Laid Plans" 2:36
Chanel Aaliyah Lee, "Colonial Consciousness" 1:26
Jane Gorelik, "Antsy" 2:55
Suwen Chen, "Spring Afternoon" 11:06
Chelsea Garvey, "Rudy" 0:55
Sasha Lee, "RIDER OF THE DOOM" 3:16
Fred E. Mathelier, "Don’t Set the Bleep on Fire" 4:30
Zeyu Ren, "Wired" 4:00
Connor Parsley, "Bedlam Rising" 29:15