Edible Issues Venezuela

Edible Issues is an annual Global Initiative event inspired by a Pittsburgh restaurant called Conflict Kitchen, which combines food and cultural programming to educate people on a country that the US is in conflict with. In the same vein, Edible Issues in collaboration with Portfolio Cafe is a week long investigation into a country in conflict or with a potent socio-political issue.

This year we will be focusing on Venezuela, specifically on the current economic crisis in the country and its socio-political implications. Following up from the GI chat in collaboration with HisLa last year 'The Situation in Venezuela', we believe that it is important to create greater awareness about this crisis at RISD. Venezuela's economic decline has not only caused political upheaval but also led to severe shortages of basic resources. Edibles Issues will provide a week of Venezuelan food, art and cultural entertaintment at Portfolio Cafe to look more closely into this situation. There will also be a book display at the library.

Relevant links:
- What is Edible Issues?: vimeo.com/161395405
- Conflict Kitchen: conflictkitchen.org/
- GI Eats: csi.risd.edu/org/risdgi/Eats

Friday, April 21, 2017

Portfolio Café
Mandle Building, 15 Westminster Street, Providence, RI


Center for Student Involvement (CSI)




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