This section highlights the work RISD faculty, staff and students are doing to draw connections between policy and course content, disciplinary questions and field-related priorities.

Nancy Skolos and Kelly Salchow MacArthur | AIGA Get Out the Vote Poster Campaign

In partnership with the League of Women Voters, Graphic Design Professor Nancy Skolos and Kelly Salchow MacArthur MFA 03 GD have organized a get-out-the-vote poster campaign for graphic design's professional organization AIGA. The focus on women acknowledges the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment as the initial legislation in the effort to bring voting rights to women. A selection of the posters are on view now in the RISD Museum's Chace Center Lobby, and nearly 100 posters designed by women are available for download and distribution to encourage voting.


Angela Dufresne | Artists 4 Democracy

Associate Professor of Painting Angela Dufresne is working with A4D and ADVICE—an organization dedicated to sharing resources, community, and national networks with student and alumni co-leaders at numerous art/art history/design schools and departments across the country, including in key swing states—to spark an informal peer-to-peer voter outreach effort among art students.


Leslie Ponce-Díaz | First-Generation College Chisme

Created by student Leslie Ponce-Díaz BArch 23, First-Generation College Chisme is a resource for incoming, current and graduated college students who are BIPOC, low-income, first-generation and/or children from immigrant families who attend predominantly white institutions (PWI).