Monday, September 27

Exhibition |  Interior Architecture department

Visit the Waterman Gallery through mid-October to see what INTAR is all about. Opening Thursday, September 16 at 5:30 pm.

artful arrangement of stones

The Architecture department invites the RISD community to Sticks and Stones and: An Atlas of Heterogeneous Constructions, the culmination of a year-long...

Design Week RI | Crossing the Pell

RISD’s Interior Architecture department joins with Innovate Newport to present the recently completed Crossing the Pell project in which grad students...

Design Week RI | Open House with Tamara Kern

Join RISD alum and contemporary jewelry maker Tamara Kern 01 JM of Studio Alloy, who will welcome you into the gallery for an open house. REGISTER

Exhibition | There Are Many Ways of Telling

“Voice” is distinct. It comes through in every word. It’s the quality in all writing that tells us who the author is, and what their values are. Always...

Gallery talk | There are Many Ways of Telling

Join co-curator Anne West and graduate program alumnx Charlotte McCurdy MID 19, Jarrett Key MFA 20 PT and Gavin Zeitz MLA 18, who are featured in the show...

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Monday, September 27