Wednesday, June 2

Virtual Exhibition  | Student Visa Review

Since the pandemic began in early 2020, international students studying in the United States have had to face a choice: confinement in the US at the mercy of...

Virtual Event
RISD Museum | RISD Days

The museum will be open for all RISD faculty, staff and students June 1–5 regardless of campus access status. Reservations are not required. Please enter...

Exhibition | Grad Show 2021

Highlighting the culminating work of master's candidates from 17 departments, RISD Grad Show 2021 will open to the RISD community May 27 - June 5, 2021! The...

WantedDesign | Emerging Designer Showcase

As part of its online International Schools Show on view through June 12, WantedDesign highlights the work of emerging furniture designers, including RISD...

Virtual Event
a square poster that reads Capstone Presentations

During their final year, students in the Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program complete a capstone project as an opportunity to reflect on the whole of their...

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Wednesday, June 2