Tuesday, April 20

Exhibition | DON'T YOU SIT DOWN

An interactive exhibition, Don't You Sit Down: Shades of Jim Crow, 1960– explores racism in the US originating with Jim Crow laws from the post-Civil War era...

Photo credit: Vanessa Winship Untitled (2012) from she dances on Jackson (MACK, 2012)

RISD's Photography department welcomes Gary Metz lecturer Vanessa Winship, a visual poet whose photographs are concerned with the elusive qualities of...

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Performance piece | La Resistencia

The Liberal Arts division and Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies graduate program welcome Latinx poets, performers and activists of La Resistencia. Alex...

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Odilon Redon, L'oeil, comme un ballon bizarre se dirige vers l'infini (The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Moves Toward Infinity), 1882. Gift of Murray S. Danforth, Jr.

Powers of Observation is a three-part series that compares and contrasts objects from different cultures that are united by a common theme. Participants will...

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Queer/Feminist/Praxis | Artist Kang Seung Lee

LA-based artist Kang Seung Lee has been forming and supporting intergenerational queer kinship through collaborative artmaking and queer archive building....

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Image Credit: Victoria Joh '15 ID

Get ready for this fast-paced workshop covering every aspect of the wide world of freelancing! Long-time freelancers Ed Shems 91 IL and Justin Perricone will...

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Tuesday, April 20