Wednesday, March 3

Exhibition | Brown/RISD dual degree students

The Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program invites you to visit Undoing: The Thirteenth Annual Brown/RISD Dual Degree Exhibition now on display in the Cohen Gallery...

Online exhibition | Mapping the Unjust City

The Architecture department invites the RISD community to explore Mapping the Unjust City, an online exhibition focused on property and ownership in...

Virtual Event
Visiting artist | Tristan Duke

The Glass department welcomes Tristan Duke, an artist with a background in photography and holography. With a deep interest in the science of optics and...

Virtual Event
Image Credit: Bonnie Cai

Interested in a cross-cultural exchange experience in which you can promote mutual understanding between people of the US and people of other countries? The...

Virtual Event

Wednesday, March 3