Tuesday, October 12

Exhibition |  Interior Architecture department

Visit the Waterman Gallery through mid-October to see what INTAR is all about. Opening Thursday, September 16 at 5:30 pm.

artful arrangement of stones

The Architecture department invites the RISD community to Sticks and Stones and: An Atlas of Heterogeneous Constructions, the culmination of a year-long...

Exhibition | arrival

The campus community is invited to view work by first-year Photography MFA students through November 7 at Sol Koffler Gallery. The general public is welcome...

RISD Weekend logo

Participants will get an in-depth look at what really happens during critique sessions at RISD: looking at the work in question, reflecting deeply,...

Virtual Event
painting by artist Bridget Mullen

The Painting department welcomes Brooklyn-based artist Bridget Mullen, who holds a BAE from Drake University and an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art....

Tuesday, October 12