Thursday, January 23

Richard Ross Exhibition

Photographer Richard Ross’ very special exhibits Architecture of Authority and Juvenile-in Justice will be on display throughout the 2014 Celebration Series....

Furniture Departmental Exhibition

An exhibition of the Furniture Department at Woods-Gerry Gallery.

Under the Influence

A curated exhibition by Janet Shih MFA 14 DM and Chihao Yo MFA 14 DM at Gelman Gallery.

Interior Architecture Graduate Student Exhibition

An exhibition of the Interior Architecture Graduate Students at Sol Koffler Gallery.

Freedom: Four Steps to Freeing Ourselves from the Inner Judge

A reading and discussion group about the four specific ways to release ourselves from the often tenacious grip of the inner critic. By reading excerpts from...

Ready, Set, FREELANCE!

Get ready for your crash course into the wild world of freelancing! Creative Relay co-founders and long-time freelancers Ed Shems 91 IL and Justin Perricone...

“The Beloved Community” –Exhibition Opening

Dr. King believed in an existence where people, even through their differences would unite against the evils of poverty, racism and militarism and would work...

Thursday, January 23