Wednesday, January 22

Richard Ross Exhibition

Photographer Richard Ross’ very special exhibits Architecture of Authority and Juvenile-in Justice will be on display throughout the 2014 Celebration Series....

Furniture Departmental Exhibition

An exhibition of the Furniture Department at Woods-Gerry Gallery.

Under the Influence

A curated exhibition by Janet Shih MFA 14 DM and Chihao Yo MFA 14 DM at Gelman Gallery.

Mindfulness Meditation

Come learn one way to sustain a calm state of mind with which to weather life’s stressful moments. This introduction to mindfulness meditation includes: a...

Interior Architecture Graduate Student Exhibition

An exhibition of the Interior Architecture Graduate Students at Sol Koffler Gallery.

Building & Presenting Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is often the most critical element in getting hired for internships and jobs or securing exhibition and grant opportunities. Use this workshop...

Wednesday, January 22