Monday, September 23

Eating My Feelings on sale at the RISD Store

Mark Brennan Rosenberg's book Eating My Feelings is currently available at the RISD Store and will be on sale at the event at the Tap Room on Thursday 9/26.

Financial Literacy series for students

Various workshop topics include Creating a Budget, Understanding Credit, Loan Repayment. Important sessions for all students, but especially for those...

NASPA Webinar: Beyond Binaries (Fac/Staff Professional Development)

A professional development opportunity for faculty/staff in support of the LGBTQ community. As part of our mission, Intercultural Student Engagement is...

Shapeways Lecture

The lecturer Duann Scott is a Designer Evangelist for Shapeways. Working as an Industrial Designer, writer and researcher specializing in the democratization...

Monday, September 23