Saturday, April 6

Body: Talk

Body: Talk 10:00am

A curated exhibition by Namwoo Bae MFA 13 DM and Ahrong Kim MFA 13 CR

Gelman Student Exhibitions Gallery  
Painting Senior Exhibition

Painting Senior Exhibition 10:00am

Showcasing the diverse range of works created by the seniors in the Painting Department

Woods-Gerry Gallery  
Jewelry and Metalsmithing Graduate Student Exhibition

Jewelry and Metalsmithing Graduate Student... 12:00pm

Showcasing the works of the graduate students from the Jewelry and Metalsmithing Department

Sol Koffler Graduate Student Gallery  
Walking On Ice

Walking On Ice 7:30pm

An audio-visual collaboration that uses the landscape and traditional elements of Icelandic culture to generate a contemporary work and create a space that...


Saturday, April 6

The men in this 1903 portrait class were serious about the business at hand.