Tuesday, April 23

Body: Talk

A curated exhibition by Namwoo Bae MFA 13 DM and Ahrong Kim MFA 13 CR

Painting and Ceramics Senior Exhibition

Showcasing the diverse range of works created by the seniors in the Painting and Ceramics Departments

Glass Graduate Student Exhibition

Showcasing the works of the graduate students from the Glass Department

Micah Barrett, John Caserta and Greg Nemes lecture on the Modern Pictograms project

AIGA Rhode Island presents a lecture by Micah Barrett, John Caserta and Greg Nemes about Modern Pictograms: an icon typeface for interface designers. The...

Mikyoung Kim Design Lecture: "Perception and the Human Experience"

Mikyoung Kim Design, Boston "Perception and the Human Experience" Our work bridges the deep commitment we have to our clients with our interest in...

GSA Presents Discussion Series: Your World

A discussion of diversity at RISD focusing on: How diverse is the RISD student body? What changes in RISD's demographics mean for students? How to make...

Open Mic Night

come to play or just to listen!

Triple Candie Performance/Talk at Exposé

Triple Candie’s gallery was open in New York for nine years. They did not show art or work with artists. They're coming to RISD to talk about alternative...

Tuesday, April 23