Sunday, March 10

2013 RISD Faculty Biennial

“An inspiring visual buffet” (Providence Phoenix), this longstanding tradition showcases studio work by RISD’s outstanding full- and part-time faculty in...

Alternative Spring Break - Clothing Sale

Join the Alternative Spring Break team on Sunday in the RISD Auditorium Lobby! Pick from an assortment of really great and inexpensive used clothing. The...

Sculpture Graduate Student Exhibition

Showcasing the works of the graduate students from the Sculpture Department

QUICKIES: Printmaking Processes: Monotype

Monotype is a unique form of printmaking in which an artist creates an image by directly applying and manipulating ink on a plate. Once the image is...

Artists on Art: ‘RISD Faculty Biennial’ Tour

Join RISD faculty and Mark Moscone, Director of Campus Exhibitions, for an exploration of the 2013 RISD Faculty Biennial, featuring recent work by the...

Industrial Design Senior Exhibition

Showcasing the diverse range of works created by the seniors in the Industrial Design Department

Sunday, March 10