Saturday, February 9

The 5th Annual RI Student Service Summit

If you are a RISD student interested in taking advantage of a great opportunity for networking, dialogue, and learning then register today for the RI Student...

Glass Departmental Exhibition

Showcasing the diverse range of works created wthin the Glass Department

Ways of Making: Ink Wash – Pens + Inks

Pen to paper, brush to canvas, works of art are the result of materials, techniques and an artist's hand at work. Become acquainted with the ways in which...

Printmaking Graduate Student Exhibition

Showcasing the works of the graduate students from the Printmaking Department

Basketball Fundamentals Class

Are you looking to sharpen up your game? Are you a beginner with little basketball experience? Do you want to try out for the RISD Balls, but not sure if you...

Improv JONES! Comedy Show

Come see hilarious improv comedy featuring the award-winning Improv JONES every Saturday night at 10pm at 95 Empire Theater, right next door to...

Saturday, February 9