Tuesday, February 5

Glass Departmental Exhibition

Showcasing the diverse range of works created wthin the Glass Department

Printmaking Graduate Student Exhibition

Showcasing the works of the graduate students from the Printmaking Department

Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee Meeting

Crit Talk

Student led discussion about the in's and out's of RISD critique. Get advice from upperclassman about: -how to make the most of your crit -how to deal with...

Someday I’ll Write It: A Workshop for RISD Undergraduate Writers

Writing takes time, and let’s face it, that’s something we all have very little of in Fall and Spring. This Wintersession, take time to really explore,...

Beyond RISD:  Dana Schneider '82/SC

It’s no secret that RISD students are driven, passionately focused on their work, and deeply committed to developing their full creative potential. Beyond...

Tuesday, February 5