Sunday, February 24

2013 RISD Faculty Biennial

“An inspiring visual buffet” (Providence Phoenix), this longstanding tradition showcases studio work by RISD’s outstanding full- and part-time faculty in...

Oscar Party in West Hollywood

RISD/LA invites you to join your friends and fellow alumni for an evening of Fun. Eat. Drink. Watch the Oscars & Meet new people!! Come join us,...

Providence Children’s Film Festival: ‘Best of the Fest’

Return to the RISD Museum to catch the “Best of the Fest,” selections from the fourth annual Providence Children’s Film Festival. Free. Visit...

‘Everyday Things: Contemporary Works from the Collection’ Closes

Everyday Things brings together contemporary works from the collection that depict commonplace objects and imagery, utilize everyday elements in their...

Printmaking Graduate Student Exhibition

Showcasing the works of the graduate students from the Printmaking Department

Apparel Departmental Exhibition

Showcasing the diverse range of works created wthin the Apparel Department

Sunday Night events in Carr House: Meet the Majors

Sunday Night Peer mentor events in Carr House for first year students! Come to the Carr House Lounge to learn more about the following topics: 1/27-Meet...

Sunday, February 24