Friday, January 11

Baking with K-Pags

Baking with K-Pags

Every Friday, come bake with K-Pags. You can also make your own facials and other DIY activities.

Met Room C  
More and More, More Is More

More and More, More Is More 10am

A curated exhibition by Lisa Laboni and Elizabeth Rossiter MFA Digital Media 2013

Gelman Student Exhibitions Gallery  
RISD Sits (M-F)

RISD Sits (M-F) 12:15pm

"Except for the point, the still point, There would be no dance - And there is only the dance." TS Eliot Please join us for Guided Meditation from 12:15...

Thompson House, Yoga/Meditation Room  

Friday, January 11

The men in this 1903 portrait class were serious about the business at hand.